ABT e-Caddy

Eco-friendly and practical

Since November 2019, the fully electric ABT e-Caddy has been available to order as a van or estate at selected ABT e-Line partners. The main focus during the electric conversion was retaining the cargo capacity, which, for the van, is up to 4.2 cubic metres. This was successful by the precision installation of the battery on the underside of the versatile commercial vehicle. The estate version of the ABT e-Caddy can accommodate up to 5 people and just like the van, with its eco-friendly electric drive, is the perfect method of transport in the city.

Just like the ABT e-Transporter, the quiet whirring motor of the ABT e-Caddy delivers 83 kW with 200 Nm torque and provides the vehicle with a top speed of 90 km/h (120 km/h optional), with a range of up to 159 km or 141 km.

Key figures for the e-Caddy

Performance V/max Range Battery Charge time
83 kW 90 km/h max. 159 km (WLTP) 37,3 KWh AC (7,2 KW): 5,5 hours/ DC (50 KW, 80%): 45 min
83 kW 120 km/h max. 141 km (WLTP) 37,3 KWh AC (7,2 KW): 5,5 hours/ DC (50 KW, 80%): 45 min


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