ABT e-Transporter 6.1 for Craftsmen and Companies

The ABT e-Transporter 6.1 is particularly useful for craftsmen and the like in city traffic. Net list prices start at €40,500 for the panel van and differ depending on the country. Leasing is also available. As kombi or caravelle, the ABT e-T 6.1 has space for up to nine people.


Companies who would like to change over to battery electric drives will find the perfect concept for local transport in the ABT e-Transporter 6.1. Currently, the model converted by the official premium partner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) is already being used to deliver food and bakery products or as a school bus. “We are targeting companies that want to be emission-free over the last mile. We are looking for companies that can estimate the operating radius of their vehicles well and that create their own charging infrastructure,” explains Wolfgang Börsig, who has been acting as Managing Director of ABT e-Line GmbH since March 2020, which also has a qualified strategic partner in the Schaeffler Group.

Depending on the model, the range is between 105 and 138 km (according to WLTP): This sounds down-to-earth, but it corresponds exactly to the requirement profile of the target group. Thanks to the relatively compact battery with a capacity of 37.3 kWh (gross), the full 6.7 m3 of cargo space can be retained. Only the long wheelbase version is offered. The maximum payload is a hefty 1,096 kg as a commercial vehicle and up to 977 kg as a passenger vehicle. It can also handle braked trailer loads of up to 1,500 kg. Askombior caravelle, the ABT e-Transporter 6.1 has space forup to nine people. Net list prices start at €40,500 for the panel vanand differ depending on the country. ABT e-TransporterLeasing is also available. The vehicle is available from selected Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealers and via ABT e-Line Partners. For more information, consult our international dealer locator.

The weight distribution of almost 50:50 and the particularly low centre of gravity due to the 333-kg battery ensure a pleasant ride. This is also reflected in the feedback from journalists who have already driven the vehicle. The small turning circle and precise electromechanical steering were also praised. The ABT e-Transporter 6.1 has a peak power output of 83 kW and a maximum torque of 200 Nm – perfect for its typical tasks. This, in conjunction with the limited top speed of 90 km/h (or optionally 120 km/h), results in economical consumption. Depending on the model, it is between 27.0 and 35.8 kWh/100 km. The DSG transmission used in the ABT e-Transporter, of which three gears are used, also proves to be advantageous here in terms of power development. If the battery becomes drained after a hard day’s work, it is fully charged with AC from a 7.2-kW wallbox in approximately 5.5 hours. Alternatively, it can be charged to 80% capacity from a 50-kW rapid-charging station (CCS) in approximately 45 minutes.

The locally emission-free and low-noise vehicle is particularly suitable for inner-city deliveries, which often take place in the early morning hours. So the residents’ sleep is undisturbed. And due to the low maintenance costs, so is the operator’s. Eight years or 160,000 kilometres guarantee on a battery residual capacity of 70 % should also convince buyers. The battery consists of 16 modules and these can also be replaced individually, which saves both money and the environment. By the end of 2021, ABT e-Line plans toinitially produce around 5500 of the electric transporter.