Ever since its foundation in 1896, ABT has been committed to mobility and improvement. Thus, to this day, we use our experience and know-how of our engineers to realize innovative projects around the topic over and over. The ABT e-Line was born out of this innovative strength.

Building on our experience with conventional drive technologies, we are always at the forefront of responding to future challenges with suitable solutions. We have consistently pursued this path for over a decade and are constantly expanding our knowledge.

As a vehicle manufacturer accredited in Europe with several large series approvals, we occupy a niche with our lean structures and massive flexibility, including in the production of small series. In doing so, we have specialized in the short-term implementation of holistic projects - from development and approval to field support and warranty - in the field of vehicle technology with a focus on alternative drives for end customers as well as suppliers and manufacturers.


We have been involved in developing electric vehicles for over a decade and offering other engineering services for third parties.

The spectrum ranges from the development and programming of control units to entire lithium batteries and complete powertrains, to the construction of ready-to-run prototypes. We also customize special vehicles and produce small series.

  • Concept development of overall projects
  • Battery development
  • Control unit development (Vehicle Control Unit), whereby this takes over the superordinate monitoring, the fault diagnosis of all linked components, the coordination of driver request moments and charging processes
  • Consulting, optimization, and testing of applications
  • Mechanical integration of all high-voltage powertrain components, including design of all components required for integration
  • Integration of alternative drives into the complete vehicle including interface specification as well as schematic designs of the low-voltage and high-voltage network
  • Construction of test vehicles and prototypes
  • Testing and optimization of crash safety of batteries using simulations and real tests
  • Validation through tests and long-term trials of complete vehicles and components, as well as provision of measurement technology, loggers, and sensors
  • Homologation of complete vehicles of different classes for small and large series as well as preparation, assessment, and application for system approvals
  • Production of batteries or powertrain integrations (battery electric or fuel cell systems)
  • Lifecycle support with technical service, aftersales documentation, training, and education

It may come as a surprise that a vehicle tuner is starting to deal with alternative drives. But from the very beginning of its history, the name ABT has been inextricably linked with mobility and drive technologies. Due to the innovative spirit deeply rooted in our DNA and the urge to break new ground, we have also established ourselves in the field of alternative drives over the last few years.

As early as the 1990s, our engineers converted race cars to natural gas drives that competed in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and in the German Rally Championship to demonstrate the potential of this drive technology.

From that point on, a process began that finally culminated in the official founding of ABT e-Line in 2018, making us what we are today.


2009: ABT participates in the design of an electric car as part of an EU research project.

2010: ABT takes part in the model project "eE-Tour Allgäu", sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and looks after the motley vehicles up to and including the Segway

2010 - 2014: Construction of the first own electric prototype, the ABT eCaddy (2011), and subsequent conversion of further eCaddys as well as T6 for test operation, among others for the German postal service

2013: ABT becomes the first German racing team to sign up for Formula E

2014 - 2016: Development of a completely new drivetrain with motor, inverter, kinematic, aux battery, and gearbox for Formula E

2015 - 2017: Construction of several eCabs based on the VW T6.

2015 - 2017: Gaining further experience by upgrading a horse-drawn carriage with a hybrid drive for the castles of Hohenschwangau

2015 - 2017: Development of a parallelizable battery system for a fleet of logistics vehicles of the company kama

2016 - 2018: Development of a motor control unit (eMCU) for the company Ziehl Abegg (software and electronics hardware)

2018: construction of two spectacular prototypes: the 1,200 hp 4ePerformance with 4 Formula E single-wheel motors, which ABT built in 2018 for the Formula E technology partner Schaeffler, and the 1,018 hp RS6-E power hybrid realized in the same year.

2018: ABT e-Line becomes the official body manufacturer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and, as a premium partner, converts Caddys and T6 buses into e-cars

2019 - 2022: two major projects for the integration of fuel cell drives   

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