Electric Vehicles

The Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge Cooperation Project

The electric motor is a real alternative to the internal combustion engine, especially for Volkswagen customers who need to move around a lot in inner cities. With their low noise and low emissions – and with the same load capacity – electric vehicles can show off their advantages perfectly, in particular for short-haul journeys.

For this reason it is very important to us to provide the right vehicle, especially for business customers.

Thus, electric variants of the models Transporter and Caddy have been developed and produced since 2019 in a cooperation project with Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeugen. In doing so, the base vehicle is supplied by Volkswagen unchanged and is converted to an eco-friendly electric vehicle by us. The vehicles are available through certified Volkswagen dealers within the EU as well as in Switzerland and Norway.

ABT e-Transporter 6,1


 The electric variant of the T-Transporter 6.1 also offers a lot of space.


ABT e-Caddy

The low-emission minibus provides space for up to 5 persons.    



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